Training & skills

The objects of the Trust are to advance the public education by engendering and fostering an awareness of the Chester Canal, its activities, heritage and environs, in local people and visitors by enabling people to crew heritage narrowboats: through the provision of training and education in the skills of the waterway environment

We have recognised that without care the history surrounding the movement of goods along the canals in wooden boats will disappear. The Trust is therefore keen to see the development of facilities for training and education in the skills of the waterway environment, including work on restoring historic narrowboats. (see ‘Preservation of narrowboats’).

The Trust has been active in work to restore the historic Taylor’s Boat Yard in Chester, which dates back to the 1850s and is probably the only Victorian working boatyard on the whole of canal system. It is hoped that this site, once restored, will become a centre for training in boat-building skills.

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