Educational materials & activities

Education packs

Education packs have been developed for primary and some secondary schools at key stage 1, 2 and 3 levels. Teachers have worked on the packs for schools which includes ideas for activities and lessons. The education packs have been distributed to schools in Cheshire and the Wirral area. Three work placement students from University College Chester also helped to compile resource boxes to complement the teachers pack. These include sources such as the Acts of Parliament to create the Chester Canal, maps, photographs/copies of paintings, model narrow boats, windlasses, also traditional reproductions of Canal Art and other artifacts as available. These resources are available on loan from Cheshire County Council Education Library Service participating schools.


A DVD has been produced by ‘Gingerbean Video Production Company’ it is loosely based on a family that spent their early lives living on board a canal boat. Children from Jigsaw Theatre Company and St Thomas of Canterbury Primary School acted out scenes and performed interviews with the family. The DVD will be used with the education pack for schools as well as being an item on its own.

Historical Books

Some of the funding was allocated for the production of an historical book about the Chester Canal, the book will include a walking guide and lots of interesting information about the Chester Canal. The book was published in 2005 and is available in shops for £13.95 or from the Chester Canal Heritage Trust for £12.95.

If you would find out more about the educational aspects of the Trust, like to become involved in these activities, obtain a copy of the DVD, purchase a copy of the book, or you would like access to the educational packs please contact the Trust.